Khud Style Baked Fish

Basa steaks marinated in a medley of spices, wrapped in aluminium foil and baked.

$ 300

Low Fat Mushroom Burger

Mushrooms, brown rice and brown breadcrumbs patties served with brown burger buns.

$ 200

Malva Pudding

A South African delicacy, this pudding is a must taste.

$ 250

Mexican Magic Cups

Creamy polenta topped with spicy kidney beans and cheese and baked in cups.

$ 500

Noodle Pillows

Noodles and rice cooked with Schezwan sauce, wrapped in cabbage leaves and steamed.

$ 250

Paneer Babycorn Balchao

A vegetarian Goan balchao.

$ 500

Pan Fried Rice

Stir fried rice with healthy olive oil and vegetables.

$ 567

Pasta Sundal

Macaroni gets a new identity in this South Indian style dish.